wordpress Development

PLUGINs & Themes  customizations

Our development team is ready to help you build your custom WordPress solution for your next project. Whether you need a custom plugin or theme customization we're going to help you achieve that.


We extend the functionality of your WP site by building a custom WordPress plugin from scratch for you, or by customizing an existing one for you.


Our development service covers WordPress Themes customization, Third-Party Integrations, theme Add-On, and theme features customization. 

Need a custom project?

WordPress plugin development isn’t the same as working on other web development projects even the simplest plugins required hours of planning, design, development work, and quality control checks. We’ll guide you through the process, and with our efficient development processes, we will deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Get in Touch With Our Development Team to discuss your project.

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PHASE | 1.

Planning & Research

We set your requirements by understanding your project needs, and our developers build the right formula for your project.


Development & Testing

Our development team gets down to work and then start to inspects your WordPress plugin to ensure that is bug-free.


Fine Tuning & Delivery

We make the final review to make sure your custom WordPress plugin meets our standards and ready for delivery.

Free. Unlimited. Online.

Bitrix24 Is A Software Program That Can Help You Manage All Your Projects, Optimize Your Sales Funnel, And Grow Your Business With Curated Features Like An Ecommerce Store.


Value-Added Services

As a certified Bitrix24 partner we provide several services for all Bitrix users with commercial & free plans. We offer a variety of services including CRM migration, Web Design, Automation setup, Training and Consultation 
From $40/hour 

Configuring CRM Automation & Workflow

You will get a complete setup for your Bitrix24 CRM Sales Automation for each entity (deal, leads, orders..), at each stage, and on each pipeline.
From $38/hour

Training & Consultancy

Get private training & consultation for Bitrix24 about the tools & features within the software to master its use or discover Bitrix24 potentials.
From $30/hour

Design Websites
Online Stores Setup

You will get a professional Website for your company build with Bitrix24 sites and an Online Store fully automated & integrated with your Bitrix24 CRM

More of our Bitrix24 SERVCES

We offer a variety of Value added services For Bitrix24 users

MIgration & Setup

Our professional team will help you migrate your company from your current CRM into Bitrix24 CRM with our FREE Migration service. All your Company data will be transferred into your Bitrix24 account.

Contact Center

Telephony, Messengers, Live Chat, And More! We can help you setup these channels in your contact center. use every possible integration for your business and reach your Customers wherever they are.

Tasks & Progect managment setup

Our team will offer your the right steps to replace your current project management solution with Bitrix24 built in Tasks & project management solution. We will provide the proper Training and guidance for your entire team.

Bitrix24. Your Ultimate Workspace

Trusted by over 10,000,000 teams.
No credit card is required!

Effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams

USD 49/mo
5 Users

  • Collaboration
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
  • Online Store
Advanced collaboration for your entire company and workgroups

USD 99/mo
50 Users


    Tasks & projects



    Contact Center

    Website Builder

    Online Store


    Sales Intelligence

    Online Documents

    HR Tools

Maximum sales and business process automation

USD 199/mo
100 Users

  • Collaboration
  • Tasks & projects
  • CRM
  • Drive
  • Contact Center
  • Website Builder
  • Online Store
  • Marketing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Online Documents
  • HR Tools

Robotic Process Automation 


The Robotic Process Automation is the NexGen of business process automation, that automate your company workflow to increase time efficiency and work precision.

RPA In 3 Simple Steps

Robotic Process Automation is the art of building your company's workflow with a robot mindset to run it with precision & efficiency. As the NexGen of business management, just a few RPA processes can run your entire company with minimal effort but with high precision. 

1. Identify A use case

Identify the RPA-eligible use cases by conducting a workshop, engaging closely with the team to help them identify the "robot" within their workflow. This preliminary stage is the foundation of building the RPA.

Note: Not every business process is RPA compatible so find the tasks that can go robotic and start.

2. Test-out

This phase is the critical part, here need to replace one of your current business processes with an RPA and run the process on an auto-pilot. As your first RPA test, you should be careful not to break your workflow.

Note: Several adjustments to your business process are required to build the perfect RPA.

3. Roll-out

The goal of the roll-out phase is to establish Robotic Process Automation as a primary method for automating processes in your company resulting in an increase of efficiency in workflow and reducing process costs.

Note: This phase may take months until it becomes stable & reliable to switch from manual into robotic.



The Creative Team

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